A House of Prayer

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church and President of Acts 29

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church and President of Acts 29

Recently I have been wrestling with how worship has come to mean one thing: music.

Not only that, but I have been frustrated how much of a service is full of singing, and how little of it is filled with prayer. Jesus said “my house will be a house of prayer” as he cleaned house (Matt 21:13). Prayer has become a chance for the band to transition off stage rather than seek God’s heart for the world. On the rare occasion there is a time of praying out loud in groups, it is awkward and crushed short by people who only know how to sing to God.

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My Problem with “Worship Music”

worshipRecently I have been thinking a lot about “Worship Music” and what that phrase means to the average believer in 2014. One post that really got me thinking can be found here, and although it’s rough, it has some interesting things to consider.

For me, the phrase “Worship Music” is entirely too restrictive, both for the life of a believer, and the life of a believer who enjoys music.

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My Top Albums from 2013

Last year was a great one for music. A lot of bands re-emerged after a hiatus (Relient K, Black Sabbath), and many artists took their sound in a new direction. These are my top 5 for 2013: Continue reading

Parking Lot Praise

Today a man greeted me in the Whole Foods parking lot with, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Uh….no, well, I uh…”

“No, seriously: do you know what you’re doing?”

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My Third Job Since Band Directing

wpid-fiber-2012-02-4-13-22.jpgSince last spring I have held three positions: Warehouse mule for Charming Charlie, Data Entry monkey for JP Morgan Chase, and now Tech Help rat for TelVista.

This past week I started training at TelVista. The contract I will hopefully start in 5 weeks is with Verizon FiOS. If you’re not an expert on telecommunications, fiber optics is a newer way to get internet, tv, and phone service, and it fascinates me.

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Image of the Invisible

The Job

As some of you may know, I have been working through a temp agency for JPMorgan Chase for the past couple of weeks. 11 pm – 7 am doing data entry. It is pretty grueling work, mostly because of the monotony. It’s also very weird to be coming home at 7 or 8 am when my parents are just waking up. The sleep I get during the day is not very good either. $13.72/hour ain’t bad, so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, this week my supervisor pulled me aside and told me that I had been doing a good job so they wanted to teach me scanning. December is a slow month for them, so it’s been 20-30 hours a week. If I learn different jobs it’ll mean more hours, so that’s a huge answer to prayer.


I’ve been doing a lot of Bikram yoga (3-4 times a week) which has been quite necessary. While in college I got pretty bad tennis elbow from overuse on the computer and tuba. Bikram was what fixed it back in 2008. Well, since I’m on the computer for at least 8 hours a day now, I’ve been fortunate to get to practice in the Richardson studio. The teachers there are all very good, and I am starting to make friends.

From My Journal last week:

“Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.” (Col. 1:15) implies a problem for me when relating to God: I can’t see him. This makes it so much more difficult to acknowledge him. I get distracted and overwhelmed by what I can see. Christ is there: standing on the shore, eating at table, or dying on the cross, and he forces me to pay attention.”

Give as You Have Been Given.

Last night I was taking a picture of my parents driveway. My parents were power washing yesterday and my dad wrote “I LOVE MY” in the dirt on the driveway (MY are my mom’s initials). Redneck graffiti?

As I was standing there I fumbled and my iPod hit the ground, shattering the screen.

Knowing that Apple has a history of being very gracious, I went to the Apple store and sure enough, they gave me a new one.

Recently I have been shown that I haven’t been nearly as gracious with some people, so I’m trying to show the kind of mercy that Apple, and more emphatically God, showed me.

In similar news, Cool Hand Luke was on TV today. I love love LOVE that movie. It’s definitely a “Stranded on a desert island with only one movie to watch” sort of movie. Not that people on desert islands watch many movies, but…you know dis.


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